Team work is important. For cooperation, the desire to participate, to create and interact with a group of multimedia heroes who sit around a table elaborate by designing strategies, products, digital or printable market essences, marketable, saleable. They sell forms of listening, of visualization, as the vital essence of a story yet to be read, yet to buy, sell dreams and realities mixable as the best cocktail of certainties and emptiness.

“We need the best minds”

There is also a need for the best ears, watchful eyes, a careful sense of aesthetic modesty, as well as the best connoisseur, and the captain of fortune ready to lead a team work through the worst brain storming in all history. And then there’s him, the lone wolf that every team work should have, the Daryl Dixon, character of the TV series The walking dead (for fans of the series) the hunter of ideas, the arch with the few arrows, precise and lethal, the one who would deny a desk brother for respect a project end date, the one who would be able to wander alone in the middle of the night in search of an idea that can save the group.

I see myself totally in this figure. I can’t give orders yet but I know how to listen, I can interact precisely with the surrounding society, work, ambitions, dreams the many social profiles, appearances and those ideas that only on paper (digital) I can put. They are the worlds I build like a wise lone wolf, waiting for those ideas to help the team one day. The real lone wolf, has so many ideas of which very few are valid, the experience helps to know how to wait for the perfect moment to express the most suitable one. It comes as a blazing illumination, overflowing with ideological power. The team needs the lone wolf as he himself needs the team. Work, ideas good participation, planning are the constants that determine a good success, and the lone wolf is part of it although most of the time in a marginal way.

The lone wolf traveled through desks, offices, colleagues of different companies until he accidentally landed in his natural role, he was not born there, he became there; he did jobs he didn’t want to do, which he wasn’t 100% proud of. Yet he made them, to survive to get another extra day to add to his experience. He is a worker like the others, with the same fears but inside hides the battle animal that tirelessly lives in the darkness, at a distance from the team, sitting in the same chairs but distant with the mind, looking for new ideas, solutions, a different point of view , an opinion that, although discordant, can be an inspiration.

The lone wolf is the element that could hide any advertisement, single employee, writer, designer, financial operator, bank manager, postman. He will always be part of something bigger, he will want the freedom to operate alone while being dependent on that team with which he survives the harsh jungle of work.

This little text goes to honor those people who in their work hide who with little ambition suffer the weight as their colleagues but hide it, covering their own aims, perspectives, many opinions, all in favor of those in the team who have a role more definitive and more central.
This text goes to you dear lone wolves.

Writer, author, dialogist, visionary. Adventurer looking for pure life. Steadfast reader