Influencer’s Unboxing

Francesco Barone
3 min readMar 15, 2020

Controversy aside, let’s talk about influence.

Do you really need to be influenced?

Do you need a stranger who in front of the camera, without any experience, advises you what to buy, what cream to spread on your face or worse if you choose one medicine instead of another, do you really need it? Do you really need one cover video to be lured to one article rather than another?

I think that influencers and viral videos are more of a distraction than a constructive view, they are not even reliable advice to follow. I know I seem polemical to every speech but as copywriter I try in every way to understand what the masses go against, I try to discover their desires, the impressions they receive, from the advertisements, from the stories of every day go through their monitors.

I open youtube and look for some music, dig between what I would like to listen and see to inform myself, a sea of unso requested advertising that makes me waste only time and some inserted to intrigue me that talks about topics that recent I searched on google.
I’m a human, so I’m curious. (I’m not going into the video detail, looking for something about a smartphone.) Starting from the intro until the end I jump the cursor to get to the juice of the discussion, a very small part of videos, maybe 39seconds, that speak and inform me following the full title of the video. This is the truth, the title of the video was related to the content inside it for only 39 seconds. Everything else was useless and wrong information that was not about what I was promised. I know Youtube from the beginning and it has never really changed in forms and content, it has always focused on the dissemination of videos, more or less professional. Perhaps the only real evolution was the aggressiveness in reproducing almost always the same videos, ten and more years ago you got lost inside discovering what you did not know.

To return to the video under discussion, I think I was distracted by that precise moment, that I had entered a spiral of boredom and wrong suggestions, but also incompleteness. That video was wrong, incomplete, too much water in the broth. It was not concrete, this increased the desire to deal with something more real, it trained my mind to recognize the boring and short-sighted content so much as to scratch away the curious part of me making me a more attentive user, decided in the delete a video from a leaderboard or to stop following a current of thought like that of influencers. It’s just other humans who talk through a camera, of course some of them have a talent as presenters, but they don’t have any in selling something, because they can’t tell that little story that lurks within each content. This concerns me, a 32-year-old with previous experience in multimedia information, social networks, sharing, let alone those who have no patience or worse for the new generation Z who is likely to lower his already low, calculated attention 8 seconds.

Influencers this media scourge, which has sped up the content, has helped to decelerate users’ attention, making it elusive. All this for having submitted always and only content in the same mode without any sense of evolution. Influencers are the greatest discovery against themselves. Will they self-mmuniize? This only users can decide, in fact they are hanging on a really thin thread.



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